Mt album cover
Mt album cover
  1. The Martian Tango Love Song

From the album Martian Tangos

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The Martian Tango Love Song

1.The lovers of today are silly, how they bore me willy-nilly
Their idea of having fun is watching T.V. all day long, they cannot croon a passionate song
And only grunt at me when done

2.When I think of human men today, I think I want a better place to stay
They say there's life beyond the starts, if there is, I'll go that far
I'll ride a rocket out to space and forget the human race

'Cause I know if I had a Martian, oh together we could have such fun
We'd ride his space ship 'round the sun and go and levitate when we were done
You know not how it would thrill me making love in Zero-G
And if by chance we were to dock, find Kirk or Mr. Spock
If the Klingons were in shock, we'd remove them one by one

3. Oh I know I'd like the Martian scene, where I would be a "has" and not "has been"
I'd paint my skin a dazzling green, wear a gown of laser beams
Dance the night away it seems, with my man of Martian means
Oh, yes, me and my man Martian would do such feats of exploration
Yes, holding tight it is a must, when those retro-rockets thrust
Cosmic movement's such a plus
The Force was made alone for us


4. So I'm off to implement my scheme, go and fine my man of Martian dreams
I'll get my space suit all spruced up so if he asks me out to sup
I'll have to think of nothing but just how I'll say that happy "yup!"
And as we cruise above the stratosphere, on our way to outer atmosphere
You know that I won't shed a tear, I will not have any fear
'Cause I'll go so very far, ta-ta I'll see you in the stars!