November 2019 News

Hey Deb-Heads!

Lots on the griddle this month: a concert with Thaddeus Spae on November 2, a trip to my first NERFA Conference (NE Regional Folk Alliance), and the big news...

...album #5 is underway!!!!  No title as of yet, this CD will contain 6 new songs, 2 old  favorites that you all have been bugging me for, and 2 covers that you *think* sound like mine, but aren't :-)    (Great minds think alike?)

Look for releases of selected singles over the next year as you and I navigate the CD making journey together.  Meanwhile, keep checking in here  for gig updates!

Love, Deb


Songs about to be born in the Winterblue Room!

Songs about to be born in the Winterblue Room!

Video of the Month: November 2019

Happy November!   When the going gets tough, the tough go where no woman has gone before. (Eat your heart out, Elon Musk!)
(From my first CD "Martian Tangos": still in print and available here!)

2019 Shows

Word On The Street

"Fabulously eclectic with Broadway sass and class!"

-Laura MacMahon, Seattle

"Folk music that won't bore even the anti-folkies among you."
-Michael Roberts, Westword Magazine, Denver

"Enjoy having you imagination tickled and your heartstrings pulled." 
-Maureen Jackson, Victory Review, Seattle

"Chills! Laughs! Love! Drama! Cars! Tools! Metaphysics! More! All that's missing is water flying off the stage."
-Rick Calhoun, Fan, Ft. Lupton, CO

"Deb Seymour brings it. Never a cautious moment on stage!"
-Sean Cupolo, H. B. Woodson's Music, Boulder, CO

"This Seattle singer and songwriter incorporates Latin, jazz, country, blues The subject matter? Anything goes!
-Go Magazine, Wenatchee, WA

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