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A masterful musical story teller (and no slouch at guitar), Deb Seymour has been delighting audiences for years with her eclectic wit and wisdom. Never a cautious moment on stage, her song subjects will take you on a wild ride with hitch-hiking chickens and tango-dancing Martians, while reflecting on missed chances and searching for true love.

A solid, nimble-fingered guitarist, Seymour's playing style touches on folk, rock, country, Latin, blues, gypsy swing and Celtic flavorings. Seymour does NOT shy away from complex, jazz "bingo chords" (with titles such as "Bmin7" and "Emaj7 with a flatted 9th...")

Deb has four CDs of orginal work out and the  latest CD, "Blame It On The Dog" (2018) features continues in her theatrical vein of demented wit, haunting blues and moving ballads.


Long Bio


Growing up in  San Francisco, CA  in  family that loved  Broadway show tunes, Deb learned early that you can write a song about anything. 

Seymour attended college in Boulder, Colorado where she discovered the vibrant open mic scene and it was only a matter of time until she was organizing those open mics and producing concerts on a regular basis. She was public radio host at KGNU 88.5 FM where she spun platters for the folk, jazz, classical *and*as "The Blues Lady", for the  popular Friday night  "Blues Legacy" program where she introduced often over-looked women blues singers into the regular blues jam mixes. Her annual all-women acoustic singer-songwriter live  showcases "Gals With Guitars", which featured some of Boulder's finest (Julie Hoest, Maggie Simpson, Joanne Del Carpine, Suzi Katz, Donna Molinaro,  Jennie Burdette)  garnered wide public praise and sold out each time.


Deb was equally enthused by the soulfulness of her own musical heritage- Irish music. In 1987, she met fellow Irish music lovers Ann Krohn (flute, guitar) and David Rick (cello) and they formed Seventh String Celtic Trio which played in the Denver-Boulder area  six years to dedicated fans. However, in between jigs and reels, Deb found herself writing her own songs and  she put out her first CD of original material, "MartianTangos" in 1992.

In 1994, Deb decided she needed a change of scene and moved to Seattle where she attended the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop.  She  quickly fell in with the Pacific Northwest  open mic scene and  formed the bands  Twins Before Birth, (a trio with guitarists Nick Dallett and Liz Savage) and later Deb Seymour & the Debonairs, a musical quartet that graced the Northwest music scene with their tight, three-part harmonies Two more CDs ensued, "Cupid's Wheel" in 1999 and "Mama Wears A Hard Hat" in 2011.



Deb is a three-time Tumbleweed Music Festival Songwriting Finalist and  also won prestigious "Top 5 Award" in
the  2011 Great American Song Contest (Country Category) for  "Mama Wears A Hard Hat".  
She also received an Honorable Mention in the 2011 Song of the Year Contest for that same song. This year, two songs from her newest CD, "Blame It On the Dog", placed in the 2018 Song of the Year Contest, "Colonscopy" was a semi-finalist, and "Dinner For One" a runner-up.


Seymour's  influences include Bonnie Raitt, Christine Lavin, Patty Larkin, Cosy Sheridan, Chuck Brodsky and almost every Broadway show tune ever written.

Off-stage, Deb is an avid electric car and zero-waste lifestyle advocate, is a member of the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association and authors an electric car and zero-waste lifestyle blog called "Deb Goes Green" at www.debgoesgreen.com. She recently retired from a twenty-year career in web design.


Album photo for "Mama Wears A Hard Hat"  

Deb Seymour & The Debonairs


Belting it out at the C and P Coffee Company in West Seattle



"Where would men be without women? Scarce, Sir, mighty scarce. " -Mark Twain


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