Demented wit, haunting blues, moving ballads! ”

— Victory Music Review, Seattle, WA

The Holidays Are Here!

And Deb Seymour CDs make *fabulous* stocking stuffers! 
Buy one today to lift your mood: tales of tango-dancing Martians, miscreant alley cats, love lost in a tropical windstorm, electric cars and more will fill your long winter's nap dreams!  Thank you for supporting independent music!

"Ho ho ho! Have you been naughty? Or nice?"

"Ho ho ho! Have you been naughty? Or nice?"

...and start waggin' those tails!

Blame It On The Dog, the 4th CD by veteran songwriter Deb Seymour, takes you on wild ride with hitch-hiking chickens, ("Chicken In An Engine") the terror that is the cat ("Calico Shadow") and gives a new spin on that mid-life ritual that starts with "C" ("Colonoscopy"). Deb’s tender side comes out in songs such as “Dinner For One”, about broken hearts and missed chances.  This CD also features Deb’s first song written in French, “Je Suis Charlie Hebdo”, a heartfelt tribute to the victims of the 2015  Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris , done in "Hot Club" Django Reinhardt-style guitar with accordion.

You'll soon be howling with delight!

"Fabulously eclectic with Broadway sass and class! Thought provoking and abundant in talent!"
- Laura MacMahon., Seattle WA

"Each song is perfect unto itself. And so imaginative!"
- Virginia Arnott-Wald, Port Townsend, WA

"She may be barking mad, but you'll soon be howling with delight at Deb's newest musical tricks!"
-Jason Wood, Seattle, WA

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